Can you run faster than a Cheetah?

Want to race a Rhino?

Out-waddle a Wombat?

Here’s your opportunity! Introducing our second ZOO RUN! Yes, that’s right, a ZOO RUN is a fun run where you’ll run through Australia Zoo.

If you are a serious athlete – take on the 5 kilometre challenge!

Not so serious? No worries, how about a 2 kilometre family fun run / walk. You can even dress-up if you are that way inclined! We’ll even have a prize for best-dressed entrant / team!

This unique event will take place on Sunday 19th October 2014, starting at 7:00am and finishing by 9:00am. Yes – you’ll be in there before the crowds, so the zoo will be nice and quiet (just you and a couple of hundred other competitors!!!)

Of course, the ZOO RUN will be a fundraiser for the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital. So you’ll be getting hot and sweaty for a good cause!

We’ll need sponsors and supporters to get this organised, so please give us a call if you want to help this awesome event. We’ll also need some volunteers!

You will need to register for the ZOO RUN -  we will use Register Now this year and will post the link when it is up and ready to accept payments.  No more missing out like last year.

Prices are still the same as last year only  $50 per participant for the 5 km run, or $40 per participant for the 2 km family fun run / walk.

Children aged 3 and under, riding in a pram or stroller, are also FREE!!!

Win by becoming the days BIGGEST Fundraiser!everyday hero

We will be doing the highest fundraiser again for 2014 so looking for a fantastic sponsor so help get everyone motivated!

Don’t worry we will be updating this information right after the Car Rally on Sunday the 18th of May…why not check this out as well!  www.wildlifeemergency.com.au/rally


34 Responses to ZOO RUN

  1. Kym Best says:

    Cherokee can I will both go in the non family one… .can I please pay the cash to you I cant do internet payments ;)

  2. Trudie Godfrey says:

    Is there a family price?

    • Kathy Lather says:

      Hi Trudie

      Thanks so much for thinking about joining us on the day!

      If a family of 4 or more (paying entrants) decided to join us they will all received a further $5 off person. They will all need to register together as a family on the registration form at http://www.wildlifeemergency.com.au

      The discounted entry into Australia Zoo on the day of the run is also for the runners registered $10 off the normal admittance price for Australia Zoo! Woo Hoo!

      If you would like to learn more please feel free to contact us here or through email. info dot wildlifeemergency dot com dot au

      Thanks Tegan

    • Kathy Lather says:

      Hi Trudy

      If you have a group or family of 4 or more you receive $5 off the pricing. Hope to see you there on the day

  3. Nathan says:

    Just wondering age limits for paying entrants. I have a 2 year old but would be in a pram, would I still need to pay for him? The link to the terms and conditions isn’t working at the moment.

    • Kathy Lather says:

      Hi Nathan, Great to hear you are thinking about joining us

      Children 3 and under (traveling in a pram for the run) are FREE

      Please make sure your pram will be able to handle unsealed surfaces for either of the 5km and 2km run.

      If you are wanting a shirt and goodie bag for your child they will have to be registered and pay the fee to join. We will have some fun entertainment for the kids on the day plus runners get discounted admission into Australia Zoo the day of the run, so great day out for families.

      If a family of 4 or more (paying entrants) decided to join us they will all received a further $5 off person. They will all need to register together as a family on the registration form at http://www.wildlifeemergency.com.au

      Thank you so much for letting us know the Terms and Conditions link is not working. We have our IT specialist on that right now (Dad) Hope to see you on Sunday the 27th of October for the first ever ZOO RUN through Australia Zoo with 100% of the profits being donated to Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital

      Thanks Tegan

  4. Angela Streek says:

    I have tried registering I’m not getting any information sent to my inbox, I have also checked junk.?

    • Kathy Lather says:

      Sorry about this Angela. I see you are now registered and I hope looking forward to the day. Thank you so much for not giving up on us. As this is Tegan Lather’s event, my 14 year old daughter, who is a Joey Ambassador. it is my family that has put up the web page etc. We try to monitor all the registrations and messages but sometimes we do have a error here and there. Thank you so much for helping up improve our systems.
      If you are ever having trouble please always email us info at wildlifeemergency.com.au thanks again

  5. Beverley Spark says:

    I am part of a group of retired ladies (mostly pensioners) that walk 3 mornings a week at Maroochydore. We wondered if we could be considered “a family” and get the discount, Please. There would be about 10 of us.

  6. julie hosking says:

    just wondering to u get a t shirt in your goodies bag before you run this???

    • Kathy Lather says:

      Hi Julie
      Yes you get a T-Shirt and a goodie bag valued at over $100. As well as free entertainment, a chance to win a holiday or some running shoes. Lots of VIP’s on the day and fun to go with the energy.
      We are hoping to sell all 500 spots and reach $15K for the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital. Bring the family along for the trampolines and jumping castle plus so much more.
      $10 off the admission price of Australia Zoo on the day of the ZOO RUN.
      We have some very special VIP’s as well so please think about joining us on Sunday the 27th of October 2013! http://www.zoorun.com.au to register

  7. julie hosking says:

    how much is to get into the zoo?

    • Kathy Lather says:

      Hi Julie
      The 5km is only $50 per runner
      The 2k is only $40 per runner

      If you get a group of 4 or more you get $5 off each registration

      Children 3 and under (in a pram) are free

      All Paid Runners receive a Awesome ZOO RUN T-Shirt plus a goodie bag worth over $100
      Entertainment on the day
      $10 off admission into Australia Zoo on the day
      Free Sneak Peak of Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital plus so much more
      You should see our VIP’s on the day!
      Trixie and Johnno from The Block plus some Awesome Wildlife Warriors – can you guess who???

  8. pamela kamen says:

    2 questions:
    -do you have to pay the entry fee for the Australia Zoo ($49) to be able to get in to do the run/walk? Or is the entry fee only if you want to stay afterwards & have the day at the zoo?
    -can you do the 5km walking instead of running?

    • Kathy Lather says:

      Hello Pamela

      I will answer each questions individually :)

      Do You have to pay the entry fee for Australia Zoo to be able to do the run/walk

      NO!!! We are running/walking before opening hours. We will all have to have left Australia Zoo by 8.45am so they can then open the Zoo at 9am. You can certainly take part in this amazing event without having to go to Australia Zoo after the fundraiser. In saying that Australia Zoo has kindly offered $10 off entry into Australia Zoo on that day making your $49 just $39 for a great day out at Australia Zoo.

      So to enter the 5km run you pay $50 for this amount you get

      A ZOO RUN T-Shirt
      A Goodie Bag which contains
      Reusable bag by Jetts Gym
      $30 Gift Card by Hello Fresh
      2 free magazines by Runners World
      Jetts Gym pass for 3 days
      Sunscreen by Ego
      Jetts Water Bottle
      Sneak Peak into the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hosptial
      Free entertainment
      and a few other items

      PLUS as a registered runner you go in the draw to win a 2 night family accommodation prize at Culgoa Point Beach Resort in Noosa and the draw to win a pair of running shoes by Footgear!

      Your goodie bag is valued at well over $100! The best bit –

      Question 2 – Can you Walk the 5km instead of running

      Yes you can walk, but the track is a loop, so if you want to enjoy the amazing atmosphere of Australia Zoo in the morning, listening to all the animal calls etc I would suggest you do the 2km fun run/walk. This will make sure you wont feel pressured to keep up with some of the fantastic runners we have coming on the day.

      That way you can keep your extra $10 towards the raffles (we are raffling off a State of Origin Qld Signed Jersey or a RARE Bag!) You may just like to grab a sausage from the Joey Ambassador Sausage Sizzle, or put the extra $10 towards your fun day at Australia Zoo if you decide to stay.

      This is a fundraiser and we love the word FUN. Excellent prizes for best dressed team or individual. We have jumping castles, trampolines, markets stalls and some VIP’s coming on the day that everyone will love to say hi and get a photo with

      So I hope I have answered your questions Pamela and I will look forward to seeing you and your friends/family at the First Ever ZOO RUN on Sunday the 27th of October 2013!

  9. Helen Szabo says:

    Hi, I am wanting to run the 5km route, but I would hardly call myself a “serious athlete”, more of a plodder, so would the 5km still be appropriate? Thanks. Helen

    • Kathy Lather says:

      Hi Helen
      The 5km route is basically the 2km route run twice with a bit extra thrown in. We will be able to see the final lap in the area we will be to cheer the runners in. Also on the day we will have entertainment, jumping castles, trampolines, face painting for the kids, market stalls and heaps of freebies. Radio stations will be there broadcasting live and some VIP’s will be running the 2km run AKA Trixie and Johnno from the Block and some other True Wildlife Warriors will be joining us for the presentation of prizes :) I bet you can guess who they are!
      Looking forward to seeing all the runners there on the day

  10. Louise Geitz says:

    Hello. Are there still places available and what is the cap for your numbers. Also, are packs picked up on the morning of the run or the day before. Kind regards,

    • Kathy Lather says:

      Hello Louise
      Yes there are still spot available. We have a cap of 500 paid runners. We currently have about 60 spots left. The only way to guarantee your spot is to register and pay. When you have your ticket you are in the first ever ZOO RUN! So exciting!
      We are doing pre registration this Sunday at the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital between the hours of 10am and 12 noon.

      Paid runners can collect their bibs, wrist bands and T-shirts and not have to bother to queue up on the day

      Hope to see you there! So exciting about getting the number of runners! Tegan always donated 100% of the profits to the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital and if we fill all the spots we should be able to donate to the animals $20,000.00! Woo Hoo To register please go to http://www.wildlifeemergency.com.au/zoorun

  11. Danielle Booth says:

    Hi, I registered last week for myself and my friend Nicola Ketley for the 5km run but haven’t heard anything back. Is Sunday the only day we can pay & collect our run kit? Are we able to collect them during the week at all. We live just a couple of minutes from the zoo. Thank you

    • Kathy Lather says:

      Hi Danielle
      Thank you so much for contact us :) I have just sent you a email. We did send out your invoice on the 9th of October, I wonder if we hit your Junk Mail? Sorry about the delay! Sadly this Sunday between 10am and 12noon at the Wildlife Hospital is the only day we can get Kits pick up before the event. This is a Joey Ambassador event and we are unable to leave Kits up at the Zoo or wildlife hospital sorry. Hope to see you on Sunday.. Please remember if you are also paying on the day we have no ATM or eftpos so cash only please :) See you at the ZOO RUN

  12. Dale K says:

    Hi there, I’m unable to run on the day so was just seeing if you needed any more volunteers to help out with anything?

    • Kathy Lather says:

      Hi Dale
      Thank you for your wonderful offer, but we have it covered :) We are so lucky to have the local SES and St Johns as well as a lot of volunteers from Australia Zoo and the Wildlife hospital helping us on the day.
      Please feel free to drop by and enjoy the entertainment etc if you are not thinking of running.
      Thanks for the wonderful offer though
      The Zoo Run Team aka the Lather Family

  13. Luci Wilmington says:

    Hi there,

    Am I able to collect my friends pack on her behalf tomorrow at the pre registration collection?

    • Tegan Lather says:

      Hi Luci
      If you are going to collect packs for friends, please bring along a short note from them with their signature to say it is ok. sorry it is the first time we have done this and thought if we have the note in our records we cant get into trouble…sounds like school though LOL But we are talking about a $20 t-shirt that is so awesome I would hate to give it away to the wrong person. :)

  14. Nicole Ipson says:

    We just picked up our race packs for the 2km, very excited for next weekend. We noticed there is no water bottle in any of our packs, what are we suppose to get in them, is it suppose to be the same as what you have mentioned above for the 5km?

    • Kathy Lather says:

      Hi Nicole

      We have the Unity Water Rehydration Station there with us on the day. All the runners Goodie Bags (with the Jetts Water Bottle inside plus so much more) will be handed out after the run :)

      See you on Sunday at 6.30am

      • Nicole Ipson says:

        Thanks Kathy, really looking forward to it. You guys are doing a fabulous job ????

        • Kathy Lather says:

          Thank you Nicole. This is a family event. We also love to put on the annual Car Rally held each year on the Last Sunday in May. You travel around the Sunshine Coast completing different challenges (always fun – last year, Giant Slide at Aussie World, Segway Rides, Big Kart Track just to name a few) and from 2pm everyone gets into Australia Zoo, all for only $125 per car for up to 5 people.
          You will have to like Tegan’s page and keep up to date with all her events. She likes to do fun things. LOL We also couldn’t do this without the support of our families and friends. They volunteer and help us at all of our events.

  15. Alice says:

    Just wondering if the Zoo will be open immediately after the run? Or will runners need to come back later in the day to visit?

  16. Anna Firmin says:

    My daughter and grandson are coming at 6.30 to support me in this run – just shouting not running- they will leave at 7.30 to do Beach Patrol by 8 am . Will they have to pay an entrance fee?
    See you there!

    • Kathy Lather says:

      Hi Anna

      Wow that is great news! I think more runners should have their own cheer squads. We are actually setting up in the Staff car park for the fun and the run. This will give all the runners easy access into and out of the Zoo. You are actually running in places were normally you are not allowed to go so that is exciting!

      Your grandkids will be able to see you set off and be there to cheer you on when you enter this area to go under the finish archway. They will be able to see you run through AFRICA through the fence, but without a wristband will not be able to enter the ZOO

      We have jumping castles, trampolines, face painting, photo booths and market stalls set up to keep everyone entertained. If you are not wearing a wrist band we are asking for a gold coin donation to have some fun :) To enter the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital for a sneak peak is only $2 free if you have a wrist band. We also will have roving animals and some very special VIP guests coming on the morning, so I am sure while you are sweating it out they will have fun.

      Please make sure a responsible adult is with your grandkids at all times please. So while you are running they are safe and having fun. So I hope this answers your question. We really try to make all of Tegan’s Fundraiser just that FUN and maybe next year they will run with you?

      Thanks for asking the Question. We always need feed back on what people like to do and what they expect

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