2014 is looking great for the ZOO RUN with Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary holding their first ZOO RUN to help raise money and awareness for their own Currumbin Wildlife Hospital.  This hospital is such a busy hospital run by wonderful staff that deserve our support

2015 is looking even better as we take on more great locations and raise money for more great wildlife charities! Stay Tuned!


6 Responses to ZOO RUN

  1. Tuza Davis says:

    Please send me more info on your zoo run.

    Thank you.

  2. Kees Tennekes says:


    In October we will visit Australia (we are from the Netherlands).
    My daughter and i wants to run some race when we’re in Australia !
    Can you please sent me details?????????
    (most important: were is this race, which State, etcetc)


    Kees Tennekes

    • Tegan Lather says:

      Hello Kees

      Wow how exciting! Thank you so much for asking about joining us for the ZOO RUN at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary. This is located on the Gold Coast in Queensland Australia. A huge tourist area. I have sent you more information in an email to your Gmail account! I really hope that our ZOO RUN fits in with your travel plans. If you are coming please make sure you find me on the day so I can say “Goedemorgen”. You also wont be alone, my wonderful friend from Walt will be there on the day. He is also Dutch. Mum is excited as she always gets kissed 3 times on the cheeks by Walt – as he tells us this is a Dutch custom. LOL You will have to let me know if this is correct. :)


  3. Susannah Bochenek says:

    Hi, I have never done a fun run before but I am thinking of entering in the 5k.
    Can you please send me more information about everything to do with it :)

    • Kathy Lather says:

      Hello Susannah
      The ZOO RUN is a perfect run to start enjoying the great out doors, see amazing wildlife, met like minded people and by paying the entry fee helping out the Currumbin Wildlife Hospital!

      I hope you will join us. If you feel you cant do the 5km run you can always try the 2km run/walk. This will be at a slower pace and not as many hills etc

      The 5km run will be in waves…Waddle like a wombat is for runners that know they will not finish the 5km within 20 mins.

      Hope this helps and see you on the day


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