New and Old Friends at my ZOO RUN’s

There are a couple of awesome things about putting on my events.

  1. I get to help the animals
  2. I get to meet the BEST people
  3. I make the most AMAZING friends!

I am happy to report that my good friend Janet Jackson is coming up from Albury NSW to compete in the ZOO RUN @ Sea World!  How amazing is that!  She is coming to visit me twice in one year!

Janet is the amazing author of the Bribie Tales series of children books.  She also wrote a book after following my Beach Clean Ups call Plastic Soup.  She was super nice and dedicated the book to Wildlife Emergency.  (How cool is that!)


This book is dedicated to the work

and vision of

Wildlife Emergency

(Bribie Island)

Fundraising for Wildlife Conservation.

She is also being super nice and donating the profits from the sale of Plastic Soup towards our work.  Here is a bit about the book.


These stories are guaranteed to make you want to visit the mysterious ISLAND of Bribie.IMG_2916 The Bribie Tales stories include the characters of Rocky the Rocket Frog, Scarlet the Greentree Frog, Tila the Turtle, Petulia the Peculiar Pelican and LIly the Frill Neck Lizard. The Combo Crusaders are a group of young people with the care of the environment on their heart. Matilda, Rocco, Rosie-May, DJ and Caris work hand in hand with the Bribie Tales characters to save the environment.


Hi there,yes LOVED IT SO MUCH I CRIED WITH JOY as I read it out loud. We were so very happy and now little Deklin-John has seen it he goes straight to the page with his Poppy and him at the beach and  he kissed that page. Yes my dear lady WE LOVE IT XXXXXX LEI LEI & STEVE

“Having been so pleased with our purchase of a set of your Bribie Island Tales, my wife and I would now like to purchase a further two sets (for two more lots of grandchildren).” WJH

So if you want to buy a book or learn more please go to or

Cant wait to catch up with you again Janet 🙂  The ZOO RUN @ Sea World is going to be AWESOME!



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