Emu Survey

Eric – is he really alone?

On Bribie we have a street named after them, retirement living spaces, they are even a couple of Facebook pages.  So who am I talking about? 

Bribie Island Emus.  Eric our unofficial mascot of Bribie Island. 

in your face emu

But what do we know about our emu’s?  Not very much at all. We don’t even know how many there are, what they are eating on Bribie.   Did you know that Emus need certain material to make nests from?  That Fire may play a vital role in the emu’s long term survival on Bribie.  Wildfires can and does destroy nesting sites as well as killing many different wildlife including breeding adult emus, it can also promote the fruit and seed bearing native shrubs and nesting sites that the Emu needs. 

Wouldn’t it be great to know some of this information so we can help the Emu survival by working with local Rangers and making sure the Emu has the right fruit and plants to eat?

close up

I have been told that we are one of the last places that the emu can be found.  I think this is so sad.  

So I am on a quest – to try and find our emus and complete an Emu Survey under the guidance of Dr Scott Burnett from the University of the Sunshine Coast.  I am asking for help from all the local residents, tourists, anyone that knows about or would like to help save our emus.

I would like to hear from locals that have heard, seen, spotted tracks or know ANYTHING about our emus.  I am really hoping to work with private landholders and public land managers that will allow me to learn more about these beautiful birds and know the best way to help them live peacefully and for many years to come on Bribie. 


I am also asking for volunteers to come and join me on the walks through the national reserves and surrounding suburbs to help us locate and measure the emu tracks. 

It is a big job and I can’t do it on my own.  The Emu is a vital part of our history.  Not only is the Emu one of our native animals on our Coat of Arms, they are vital to a healthy eco system. 

Please contact me on 0407 033 315 or email me on info@wildlifeemergency.com.au  to say you will help us discover our Emus on Bribie Island.  A training day will be scheduled and then a day will be organised to take through our beautiful bushland to look for evidence that Eric is NOT ALONE!