Another ZOO RUN done raising $6700 for Native Breeding programs

I have returned to sunny Queensland.  Don’t get me wrong South Australia, you are beautiful and your amazing wildlife parks and adventures are amazing but boy I don’t like the cold!

I had a fantastic time at the ZOO RUN @ Monarto and a brave 193 runners braved the mud, cold and rain to help us raise $6700+ for the Monarto Zoo Native Breeding Programs.  (We are still waiting for the final total and photos from Monarto and ZOOS SA.)

This is why I and my family put on these events.  I really want to be able to show my kids and grand kids the beautiful Australian Wildlife that we all take for granted.

I also love it when all day people tell me they had a great run and would do it all again in a heart beat!  Awesome news.  I also came home to this lovely email.  Thank you Ms Henry.

Hi Tegan,

   I just want to let you know what an amazing job you did today. I cannot believe you are not even 16 yet and you have organised all this and raised so much money for conservation! You should be so proud of yourself! I told a friend about the run today and about what you have achieved and they summed you up perfectly with this sentence “some people are just great at life”.

The animals are so lucky to have someone like you, and if you are doing all this now at such a young age I can only begin to imagine what amazing things you are going to achieve later on in life and what a difference you will make in the world of conservation, and you are so lucky to have the support of your amazing parents, your mum was so bubbly and friendly!

I was so excited to have a zoo run come to Adelaide and I really hope you come back next year (hopefully its a bit warmer though next year).

Keep it up!

Nora Henry


I actually celebrated my 16th birthday in South Australia.  I had a awesome birthday week with amazing animal encounters like Raptor Domain and Seal Bay at Kangaroo IslandSeaLink also gave us a fantastic ride over in the ferry.  When I heard the captain say “Good Morning Thrill Seekers” I knew I would love the trip over and wasn’t disappointed .

I LOVED going to discover all that Cleland Wildlife Park had to offer.  The staff were fantastic and treated us like VIP’s the whole time we were there.  Shelly not only booked in our Wildlife Presentation and private night walk tour, but made sure we were looked after by their fantastic staff.  Nothing was too much trouble.  I LOVED hand feeding the kangaroos, emus, wallabies, potoroos and waterfowl.  The potoroos are my favourite!  So cute!


I also fell in love with Olive the python, the blue tongues (who knew there were so many different blue tongues!) the birds ohhh to much to tell you just go and see the wonderful Cleland Wildlife Park just 30 minutes from Adelaide.

You also have to go to Adelaide Zoo to check out the only sloth in Australia.  I stood by her enclosure in the nocturnal house for 20 minutes before she moved!   These amazing parrots.  Lions, Tree Kangaroos, Red Pandas, Squirrel Monkeys,  Giant Pandas….again so much and the encounters are very reasonably priced so you can get up close to the animals.

I had a great holiday with my family and we raised a lot of money to help our Native Wildlife so it was a win win!

Thanks South Australia for letting me put on a ZOO RUN @ Monarto and discovering how cold cold really is!

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