The Amazing People I have been lucky enough to meet.

 I am so Lucky!  I have met some AMAZING people

So famous and some not so famous but true heroes in my eyes.  Have Fun.  I always do 🙂



And got to have a lot of fun!


Here are the Power Twins!  The lovers of all animals and owners of Twinnies Pelican and Seabird Rescue!  This family have been rescuing and rehabilitation for the past 15 years!  Wow

Twinnies and tegan

David Strassman and Ted E Bare!  Mr Strassman was nice enough to donate a stage used Ted E Bare this year and helped to raise money for Queensland Koala Crusaders.  We will forever be in his debt ….helping to save our koalas!

david strassman

I am friends with Isabel Dow, Sea Shepherds only child on the Board of Advisors!  WOW!

young star winners

Steve Austin – Elite Dog Trainer

Steve Austin The Veronicas and Me with my mate Jewell

Oh  did you happen to see The Veronicas in the photo as well!

Romane and Maya the Koala Scent Detection Team from Wildhelpers


Got to meet Rove! (That is me in the middle)

Rove and the joeys

I was lucky enough to have Ellie Gonsalves remember me and all my fundraising work.  She was so nice and always said Hi when she could

Ellie Gonsalves Global Amabassador for AZWW

It was odd as Dad was always around to take the photos!  LOL

Ellie and Tegan at Bindis movie night

Trixie and Johnno from The Block Sky High are always willing to help out with a fundraiser.   These guys are great!

Trixie and Johnno


Before this Day Trixie was unsure of snakes!