So had a interesting weekend.

Had a interesting weekend…in fact it was pretty AWESOME!

I got a call from Paul and Karen Strike who owns Flying Signs.

I am pretty sure the name has given it away, but they are a fantastic Caboolture based company that flies amazing banners to attract attention for new events, products and even makes a few proposals now and then.

Well you may have guessed it, but they want to help me get the ZOO RUN message out there! So we have sat down and worked out when and where we will fly the banner! How cool is that! Watch the video below to see how it is all done!

So keep your eyes and ears at the ready! A cool competition will go along with the banner – you never know what you might WIN!!! We will keep you updated on times and dates…..but if you would like to check it out for your next event or campaign please go to their web page Flying Signs and remember to like them on Facebook!

Thanks Paul and Karen you guys are FLYING FANTASTIC FUN FANS!

Flying High Banner with web address

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Clean Up Australia Day Done for 2015!

Another early morning ( I really HATE early mornings – but HATE getting sunburnt more!) a lots of bags of rubbish collected from the Dog Beach at Woorim through to the dog Beach at Red Beach!

Well done.  We meet up with more people collecting rubbish from B.I.E.P.A as well as many other groups picking up the litter that kills our wildlife and marine animals.

sea tutrle thank you

It was like they dolphins were saying thanks as they stayed with us the whole time we picked up rubbish from the beach.  A big pod of dolphins.  So nice to see.

dolphin red beach Dolphin Bribie Ferryman

Thank you Clean Up Australia Day for another great turn out.  It was awesome seeing so many groups on Bribie.  All up we had 10 spots cleaning up!  How awesome was that!

Our group was organised by Roberta.  Roberta and her family were nice enough to provide everyone with cold drinks and a sausage sizzle after a couple of hours in the hot sun.  Great Day.  Thanks guys.

Clean Up Aust Day 2015

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Melanoma March @Bribie Island A Great Way to Start the Day!

Actually cutting the ribbon


The first ever Melanoma March Bribie Island commenced from the Volunteer Marine Rescue at Bribie and walk north to Sunset Park before returning to the start location. was early this morning.  It was a lovely coastal walk that was easy and great for people to show support for love ones that they have lost or are going through treatment now.

Tegan Joy and Wyatt Roy

My lovely friend Joy Leishman  was the very dedicated volunteer who hosted the 2015 Melanoma March Bribie Island for the first time. Joy and her family have been directly impacted by melanoma and are hoping to raise funds and awareness to help change the outcome and quality of life of people living with this disease. The local committee and the team at Melanoma Institute Australia encourage everyone to join in on the march to one day find a cure!

We were even lucky enough to have the Federal Member, Mr Wyatt Roy come and cut the ribbon to official start the very first  Melanoma March for Bribie Island

It was a great morning with Local Community Radio 101.5FM there as well as Taste E Art Mobile Coffee Van – donating a gold coin for every cup of coffee sold (yes I have booked her in for the ZOO RUN!  thanks Christine and Jimmy!  As well as merchandise for sale and a Raffle

Tegan drawing the first prize fruit basket

The lovely owner of the Coffee Club at Caboolture even donated a prize for the raffle and we were lucky enough to have Ms Howes there to draw it!

Drawing the lucky ticket

It was a great way to start of the weekend.  The only way we can save more lives is through medical research, which this March raised the funds to do. Thank you Joy and all your friends that help you and family that put on a great morning. See you next year!

For more information, to register or to make a donation, visit


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ZOO RUN @ Bribie Island is now on Sale!

Wow what a week!  Crazy wild weather, which actually worked in my favour as I had the whole family working hard on our first ZOO RUN for the year on Bribie Island

Thanks to Bribie Island Boat Charters

picture by Bribie Island Boat Charters

I am so excited to be finally sharing my home with you all.  I have made some wonderful friends like the ladies from groups at parkruns Australia  and Hummingbird House that I cant wait to show them my beautiful home.

The route where you will be running is where I go with my dogs for a walk.  It is a great spot with beautiful views and fantastic pathways.

It is so exciting that we have already sold tickets!  It is really funny is that ALL the tickets sold have been to families and people living on the Southside of Brisbane!  I must really be getting the name of ZOO RUN out there.

Until next time lets go Running to save wildlife!

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ZOO RUN’s for 2015


Wow we are really looking forward to this year!  So much is happening.  I have no one, or two ZOO RUN’s planned but 3!

We are working hard to get the link up for you to purchase tickets to the very first

ZOO RUN with Queensland Zoo on Bribie Island on Saturday the 30th of May 2015BribieGoneWild-FBCoverZoo Run Logo RedandBlack 1000x1000pixelsqld zoo logoZoo Run Logo RedandBlack 1000x1000pixels

We are raising funds for Wildlife Emergency to help with my dream of opening a Wildlife Education Centre right here on Bribie Island and to help Free the Bears Fund.

So please SaveDate_Logo_smFree the Bears Fund

ZOO RUN – Bribie Island with Queensland Zoo Saturday 30th of May 2015

ZOO RUN – Monarto Zoo South Australia Sunday 2nd of August 2015

ZOO RUN – Sea World Gold Coast Qld Sunday 11th of October 2015

I have also been talking to Marine Magic Coffs Harbour.  They really need a wildlife hospital in Coffs and have asked for a ZOO RUN either late this year or early 2016.

In talks with many other amazing zoos and charities to see where we can help

So what is a ZOO RUN?  Well if you haven’t been to one you wouldn’t know how much fun we really do have.  So please check out our last ZOO RUN to help raise funds for Currumbin Wildlife Hospital.




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What a FANTASTIC Beach Clean Up!

Turtle CartoonThanks to our amazing friends at Bribie Island Boat Charters we had a very different and exciting Bribie Beach Clean Up!

Robyn and Brendon contact me late last night to offer us a free boat to help us clean up the rubbish not only on the Beach but on the water as well!

We might have only been a small team today, but boy did we have FUN!  We even had some wonderful new volunteers Kylie, Rosie and Tom all the way from Glasshouse!  It always amazes me how many wonderful people I get to connect with over the internet and Facebook.  I even had a reporter visit me on the same day from Up Beat Down Stream Magazine!


We collected over 25 kilos of rubbish!  There was only 9 of us all up, so I think we did a great job.

Huge Thank you once again for everyone coming along.  Always nice to meet new people and as it was hot, Wildlife Emergency even shouted everyone a cold can of soft drink so at the end of the hour we could sit down and have a chat.



2015 is going to be a fantastic year with our very own ZOO RUN and Bribie Gone Wild Wildlife Festival happening here on the island.  The funds raised from these events will go towards a Wildlife Education Centre on Bribie and to Queensland Zoo’s charity of FREE THE BEARS.  Helping to save the beautiful Sun Bears.

Stay tuned it is going to be a AWESOME year!


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I love the sound of the rain!

wallumsedgefrog-leafletI love the sound of the rain.  It wouldn’t be the start of a school year without the rain.  It was very nice that it held off until all the  Australia Day events could be held.

I was lying in bed this morning having a cuddle with my cat (don’t worry she is a house cat – well fed and expects food on demand) thinking now who would like this weather.

Not the mums driving all the kids to school.  Not the dads all on the way to work  I like to listen to the rain when I have a lazy day planned inside, but I don’t particularly enjoy getting wet.

But then I started to think about the ducks, frogs, all the wildlife that really need the rain.  Queensland is still in a drought and it has been so hot.  So I think it is a good thing.  Just like these guys do.   There are 3 species of frog that are found all over Bribie Island and a another variety of frog called  The Scarlet Sided Pobblebonk

These little guys breed in tannin-stained waters of pH 3.5 and less- waters toxic to most other amphibian species.   Now aren’t we lucky!

My favourite though is the green frog that is always heard singing in our drain pipes when the rain starts to fall.  A large number of little green frogs come and sit on our windows and you get to watch them.  Mum says a green frog in the garden means you have a healthy environment.

So think of the frogs today as you are getting a bit wet and remember how much the flora and fauna need the rain


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MBRC Australia Day Award – Environmental Achievement Award goes to Tegan Lather


Oh my gosh!  I was blown away when I learnt that my maths teacher Miss Hickey had nominated me for the Moreton Bay Regional Council Australia Day Awards.  Not just one, but two!  Young Citizen Award and the Environmental Achievement Award.

I did not expect to be coming home with any, but so excited to share with you that I have in fact won the Environmental Achievement Award for 2015


In 2014 I had won the Young Citizen Award, so I was not expecting this at all!

I was up against a amazing lady, Mrs Diane Oxenford.  A lovely lady that lives on Bribie Island and gives up her time to help our sea turtles, as well as other wildlife and marine animals.  Mrs Oxenford can be found each and every day riding the beaches in search of turtle tracks.  Ready to record the nests and movement of our endangered sea turtles.

Photo of Diane Oxenford Courier Mailfrom courier mail

Mrs Oxenford has always been amazing and made sure to give me time to stop and chat and find out about my next adventures or dreams in regards to our beautiful animals.  I feel honoured to be nominated beside you and your amazing drive and compassion for our wildlife and environment.


It was a wonderful night.  Not only did I win a category, but so did my friend Lakeisha Patterson (Lucky) for Sportsperson of the Year and a past student of St Columbans College Ms Hannah Granger who won Young Citizen of the Year with her tireless work for the Leukaemia Foundation

Thank you Moreton Bay Council for putting on the Australia Day Awards.  It is a amazing night.  A night were you feel appreciated for all the hard work and long hours you do for your passion.

Of course none of this would have been possible without the amazing support I get from my parents, family and friends.  To all the runners that come to the ZOO RUN’s, the Car Rallies, or just buys a sausage at my sizzles.  Thank you.  To all my Facebook and Twitter Friends. Thanks for all the likes and shares.  This award is for you as well.  Together we can make a difference.  I cant wait to meet you all at my “Bribie Gone Wild”  Wildlife Festival and ZOO RUN right here on Bribie Island on Saturday the 30th of May!

Goodnight :)


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Can you run as fast as Eric the Emu?

Erictheemu-walkingWell can you?  Don’t worry if you can’t, because it is all about FUN and raising funds for a Wildlife Education Centre on Bribie Island.

Bribie Island is having it very first ZOO RUN on Saturday the 30th of May 2015

How can Bribie Island have a ZOO RUN with no Zoo?  Easy, with the help of my wonderful friends and major sponsors at Queensland Zoo!  They have a program called “ZOO 2 U” where you can have the cute, cuddly, scaly or furry come to your business or home.

You can choose from

  • 5km ZOO RUN
  • 2km ZOO RUN /walk
  • Novelty ZOO RUN (For Families, Mobile Scooters and FUN!)

More details to follow, so keep watching here or on Facebook for more information

Zoo Run Logo RedandBlack 1000x1000pixels



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More Photos of us with the Tasmanian Devils and Eastern Quolls at Queensland Zoo

qld zoo logoEqld zoo logo

I think you can see how excited we were to meet these amazing animals.

Did you know that our Tasmanian Devils are the worlds largest surviving carnivorous marsupial.  Yep we have another amazing animal living with us in Australia!  How Cool is that!


The devil has a large broad head and very thick short tail.  Keepers and scientist use their tail to pick they up by as it is all muscle and doesn’t hurt the animal to be handled in this way.  The fur is mostly black, but they do have white markings on their rump and chest area.

Tasmanian devils are wholly protected. The Devil Facial Tumour Disease, which is now having a devastating effect on the Tasmanian devil population was first noticed in the north-east of Tasmania in the mid-1990s but has become are regular sight for the rest of Tasmanian Devils.  Which is so sad.

The devastating disease is sweeping through Tasmania’s devil population, killing more than 90% of adults in high density areas and 40-50% in medium-low density areas. In 2012 Maria Island was chosen for the first Tasmanian devil translocation project. Fifteen disease-free Tasmanian devils were released onto the Island to secure an insurance population. See the Save the Tasmanian Devil web site for details.


Queensland Zoo helps to save the Tasmanian Devil, so please make sure you stop by for the keeper talk at 11am each day, where you learn first hand about these amazing animals and even get to pat a devil!  Why not spend the $30 to enjoy a close up encounter after the talk.  I will tell you it is worth every cent.

But are you ready!  Here come the Eastern Quolls!!!!!

qld zoo logoEqld zoo logo

The facts are telling us that the eastern quoll could follow the severe population decline of the Tasmanian devil! How sad would that be!

This cute and amazing carnivorous marsupial was once found all over  Australia in good numbers.  Now very few sightings are seen. They were once found easily at Tasmania, but now even there they are disappearing at a alarming rate!   We need to protect this little guy, as not much is know about them, but we do need them!

qld zoo logoEqld zoo logo

The Quoll was so soft to touch and look very much like the Tasmanian Devil but smaller.  My mum thought she could see a possum look with their  cute eyes and pink noses.

In recent years numbers in Tasmania  have declined dramatically with no sign of recovery.  So we really need to start looking after these animals.  If you would like to help please go to to see what you can do.  They are searching for stories about the quolls.  Any stories from Great Grandad about how they stole the chickens to a sighting you might have thought you have seen while walking in the national parks.  Please get in touch.  We need to find these wonderful animals to help save them and make sure they are hear to stay with us forever.

qld zoo logoqld zoo logoqld zoo logo

I was so impressed with Queensland Zoo.  As most of the locals from South East Queensland know the animals are from the old Alma Park Zoo.  The owner of that company purchased it from the family in 2000 and just waited for the best time to sell the zoo to the developers.

It took one very gutsy lady, Julie Seabrook, to create a new home for these beautiful animals at Queensland Zoo.  Just beside the icon Big Pineapple.  With the help of only 8 friends and staff the move was made.  I will be supporting this wonderful Zoo and I hope you will too.

You will not find a more loving home for these animals.  You can see the animals love their new homes.  The Sun Bear was out and about bouncing around his new big enclosure.  The Red Panda was out saying Hello to everyone even in the Summer heat.  The Lemurs were chatting and the rest of the primates were all out and about saying G’day to everyone that walked by.  Please go and visit Queensland Zoo.  You can take your whole family (family pass is $70)  for the price of an Adult at other zoo’s on the Coast.  To learn more or book your encounters please go to

So to end of my day here is our family photo is that already hanging in our lounge room to remember Dad’s Birthday at Queensland Zoo.


Thanks for reading.  Please share my stories and like me on Facebook or Twitter.




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