Beach Clean Up – Bribie Style

Tegan’s latest environmental activity – Beach Clean Up (Bribie Style).

Never one to do something in a boring way, Tegan and the volunteers will all be wearing bright Hawaiian Shirts – sure to get everyone’s attention and have a bit of fun at the same time!

We’ve been buying heaps of Hawaiian Shirts, brightly coloured Rubbish Bins, Pick-up Sticks, Signs etc to get this Beach Clean Up happening. With all those costs, we’re very grateful to receive a grant from Sea World Research and Rescue Foundation Inc and Healthy Waterways. These guys are awesome!

Also it is not just getting the rubbish off the beaches and out of the waterways, but there is some scientific research going on in the background – everything has to be sorted, counted and weighed and where possible, identify the source of the marine debris.

To launch the new program, Tegan organised her local Minister of Parliament, Lisa France MP and the Environmental Minister, Andrew Powell MP. Check out this awesome interview by Andrew McCarthy-Wood of

Clean Up Bribie Island with the Moreton Bay Region Young Citizen of the Year
A 14-year-old Bribie Island local is getting her hands dirty in a bid to cleanup the island – Watch the video!.
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Hurry Register Now so you dont miss out on the ZOO RUN!

Wow we are selling out our spots for the next ZOO RUN!

128452 Tegan Lather Wildlife Emergency Zoo Run Poster-page-001Register now feet128452 Tegan Lather Wildlife Emergency Zoo Run Poster-page-001

It is so exciting!  So Hurry and Register Now!  We only have 500 spots for the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary ZOO RUN

It is going to be a great day!

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We have WONDERFUL Sponsors for the ZOO RUN

Thank you Jetts Fitness!


Once again Jetts Fitness has show us fantastic support by agreeing to be our

ZOO RUN sponsors!

We have to thank the following Jetts Fitness Gyms for helping us make Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary’s first ZOO RUN totally AMAZING!


Thank you to the following Jetts Fitness Gyms

Jetts Nerang

Jetts Ashmore

Jetts Bundall

Jetts Mermaid Beach

Jetts Pacific Pines

Jetts Varsity Lakes

Jetts Burleigh Heads

Jetts Palm Beach

Jetts Coomera

Jetts Helensvale

Let us just say YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME!


Ad Air Promotions

ad air promotions

We are very lucky to have the support of Walt and Willy from Ad Air Promotions.

Ad Air Promotions are responsible for our amazing archways at each ZOO RUN.

Australia’s Best Inflatable Advertising Specialists, these are the guys to call when you want to attract attention! Ad Air Promotions operate in Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Region. For all your inflatable advertising, giant inflatables, jumbo inflatables, sky dancers, rooftop, arches and balloons call Ad Air Promotions

They are the Inflatable Advertising Specialists! Located on the Sunshine Coast Queensland Australia.

If you are wanting to stand out in the crowd call them today!

Telephone +61 (07) 5478 6652


IMG_1214ad air promotionsIMG_1213

Enviro Print Australia


Do you love our flyers?  For both Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary and Australia Zoo Enviro Print Australia have been the printer to help us advertise our ZOO RUN!

Born in 2001 from Passionate, humble beginning focused on providing donated printed items to needy Australian environmental organisations using reclaimed off-cut paper from their main stream business.

We love Enviro Print and all that they stand for.  Please support them so that they might help others.

To learn more please go to

Call 02 9771 4884


AsicsHarbour Town Gold Coast  – 30 – 70% off Store Wide RRP!

ASICS BrandMark_Flat

ASICS is at the forefront of the world performance sports market as undisputedly the leading running shoe brand for enthusiasts and professional athletes alike. Whether at professional sporting events, the Olympics or an everyday run around a park, ASICS is the runner’s choice, providing comfort, support and a superior ride.

Please support the Asics store at Harbour Town, go down and Thank the lovely store manager Jordanna for donating 500 drink bottles for all the runners!

Asics harbour Town

Phone:  07  55290829

Address:  Shop C12A   Harbour Town Shopping Centre

                  Cnr. Gold coast Hwy & Oxley Drive

                 Biggera Waters QLD 4216


Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary


We couldn’t put on a ZOO RUN without the amazing sponsorship and support from Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary!

All the staff and volunteers are amazing and the animals are in their care beautiful.  I would urge you all to support this amazing Sanctuary where that is simply liking their face book page, coming to the ZOO RUN or donating on line for the Currumbin Wildlife Hospital foundation.  You won’t be sorry you did!

A place where you can enjoy exciting, interactive displays, presentations and dining experiences. Nestled within 27 hectares of lush eucalyptus and rain forest, each day brings visitors face to face with extraordinary wildlife in shows and encounters. Every day at Currumbin is a new adventure. Cuddle a koala, get up close to a crocodile, get among a mob of kangaroos or check out reptiles, birds and marsupials in amazing wildlife shows and displays.

We still have other sponsorship packages available to make the day a fantastic event with ALL the Profits going to the Currumbin Wildlife Hospital Foundation!


They start at just $250 so if you would like to learn more please call us on

0407 033 315 or email

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National Tree Day

Happy National Tree Day everyone!

In case you have been hiding under a rock, today is National Tree Day – this should be as well known as Christmas Day! In fact, even more important as without trees, we wouldn’t be celebrating anything :(

So get out there and join one of the many tree planting events.

Sorry, we are not organising our own event this year due to some other commitments, we’ll just join in on our local tree planting. We might see you there!




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Two Hands Project

I get to met the most AWESOME people!  I am really lucky as I get to help our wildlife and our environment and you know I really have met some amazing everyday people!


Today after my Beach Clean Up – Bribie Style, I wandered over to the “Shark in a Bus” exhibit next to the Bribie Island Sea Side Museum.

Ok I am not going to lie to you – Dad wanted to go over and check it out.  Seeing a “Shark in a Bus” is not my normal thing I would want to do – but it was worth the trip.  I got to met Paul Sharp.  One of the founders of the Two Hands Project Inc.

He is great.  He is there to help educate us on the plight of the sea birds and our marine animals due to the rubbish our oceans and waterways are filling up with!

When you walk through his museum in a bus, there are a few items that made me go -What The?!? – but the message is a brilliant one.  Please go and have a chat with Paul.  See his shark and other items in his museum.  It is very interesting and join up for the Two Hands Project.  Just 30 minutes, when you can, with your two hands, on a beach collect /pick up the rubbish you see.  Take a photo on your mobile phone and up load it to their Facebook page.

Paul with two hands project

It is a great idea and everyone can help our planet!  Way to go Paul!

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Thank you Martin from Geckoes Wildlife Presentations

Wow I have the BEST work experience!  I love it.  I did have to do the hard work and find it myself, but it was so worth it

I have met Martin from Geckoes Wildlife Presentations a couple of times at different wildlife surveys and workshops.  At the latest one I went to with the Wildlife Preservation Society of Queensland, I got to meet Martin and his favourite Male who was the star of the Quoll Survey workshop.

I mentioned to Martin that I had to find work experience and he laughed and said as long as you don’t mind the drive to my house each day, let me know the details!

Wow I was hooked.  Mum on the other hand had to discover where a place called Closeburn was – A hour and 15 mins away from my home!  It was 5am starts each day but boy was it worth it!

with shane and snakeThe first day I got go handle snakes, lizards and other reptiles at the Under 8′s Day at Raceview Primary School.


Day two was a day of learning with Scat and Tracks as the subject, with a presentation at Greening Australia.

Day three was more hands on, with cleaning the enclosures and feeding all the animals.  This was a really fun day with me feeding Quolls, Woof Woof the Barking Owl, and some awesome Tawny Frogmouths.  I had heaps of fun making up the food for the Gliders and Bumpy the Wombat!

bumby the wombat

The last day was also fun!  We had to go to a primary school where the kids were learning how to take photos of wildlife!  I got to handle the lizards and frogs!

And this was “Work!”  LOL  I had a ball.  Thank you Martin and all the wonderful staff at Geckoes Wildlife Presentations.  If you want a cool birthday party these guys are the place to check out!

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ZOO RUN – Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary

Can you fly faster than a Rainbow Lorikeet?

Run like a Emu?

Out-waddle a Wombat?

Here’s your opportunity! Introducing our first ZOO RUN for Currumbin Wildlife Hospital Yes, that’s right, a ZOO RUN is a fun run where you’ll run through Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary.

If you are a serious athlete – take on the 5 kilometre challenge!  This course is NOT for the faint hearted or unfit!  We have some very Steep Hills, narrow windy bush track with awesome obstacles and challenges for the single runner.

Not so serious? No worries, how about a 2 kilometre family fun run / walk. You can even dress-up if you are that way inclined! We’ll even have a prize for best-dressed entrant / team!

This unique event will take place on Sunday 23rd November 2014, starting at 6:30am and finishing by 8:00am. Yes – you’ll be in there before the crowds, so the zoo will be nice and quiet (just you and a couple of hundred other competitors!!!)

Of course, the ZOO RUN will be a fundraiser for the Currumbin Wildlife Hospital so you will be getting sweaty for a good cause!

We’ll need sponsors and supporters to get this organised, so please give us a call if you want to help this awesome event. We’ll also need some volunteers!

You will need to go on line and register for the ZOO RUN -  we will use Register Now so please see the link below

Prices are  only  $50 per participant for the 5 km run, or $40 per participant for the 2 km family fun run / walk.

Riding in a pram or stroller is not permitted on the 5km bush track.  If you are taking bub out to enjoy the beauty of Currumbin please join in on the 2km paved path way.  There might still be a few bumps and hills along the way, so be ready for it!  Children aged 3 and under are also FREE!!!

To register follow this link to REGISTER NOW!


Win by becoming the days BIGGEST Fundraiser!

everyday hero

We will be doing the highest fundraiser  for 2014 so looking for a fantastic sponsor so help get everyone motivated!

The highest fundraiser will win a fantastic mini holiday at Noosa Crest


 2 nights accommodation in a 3 bedroom apartment at Noosa Crest!


So please go to Everyday Hero and register as a ZOO RUN Currumbin Wildlife Hospital runner to help raise more money to save our sick and injured wildlife

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Connect to your Creek – Healthy Waterways 2014

Connect to your Creek

Healthy Waterways & Wildlife Emergency

On May the 18th we had a great time at Landsborough working with Mooloolah Native Nursery to help keep our waterways healthy and clean.

We had so much fun we forgot to take more photos!

IMG_8427connect to the creekconnect to the creek 2hugo at connect to your creek

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Ted E Bare is helping to Save Our Koalas!

Dave with Retired Ted E Bare for Auction

Wow – David Strassman is SO NICE and he LOVES our koalas!  He has Donated a Stage Used TED E BARE to help save our Koalas!

I was lucky enough to meet Mr Strassman last year when he was on tour.  I LOVE Ted E Bare and my parents took me to see him live in Ipswich.

Mr Strassman was very supportive of my fundraising to help our wildlife. He was impressed with my personal goal of raising $100K for conservation.  So when he arrived back in Australia for his tour in Australia  I wrote and asked if he would like to help us find some Koalas in the Wild?

He was wonderful and replied to my email – his first question was “How much money have you raised now?”  He was really please when I told him over $70,000!  Then I asked if he would like to find some wild koalas,  he very quickly replied “Yes lets track down some koalas!”

Mr Strassman has so much knowledge of our wildlife – he knew more facts about birds and koalas than me!  Yikes!

Mr Strassman then did something amazing, he offered to help me reach my goal of $100K by donating a Stage Used Ted E Bare for the charity of my choice!

wildlife emergency basic logo - large$_35Logo

I chose to help the  Queensland Koala Crusaders Inc with the funds raised from this auction.  The Queensland Koala Crusaders Inc are working with local and state government to help them purchase suitable land within the Sunshine Coast region to keep our koala population there.  Sadly we will loose these guys in less than 10 years if we don’t stop taking their homes away from them.  The other  2 big threats to our koalas are Dog Attacks and Hit By Cars.

I am so excited.  Please share the link of the Auction for everyone to see.  We are hoping to make over $10,000.00 so fingers crossed.

I hope to see many of my friends at the Sunshine Coast shows!  Please support Ted E Bare Auction and show Mr Strassman that we love our wildlife just as much as he does.




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Tegan Lather has won the Young Citizen of the Year 2014 Australia Day Award

with mayor on stage

On Thursday the 23rd of January 2014 Tegan was announced as the Winner of  the Young Citizen of the Year 2014 Australia Day Award for the Moreton Bay Region.

As you can imagine Tegan was over the moon with the recognition she has received by her peers.  Tegan was told by the Mayor Councillor Allan Sutherland that the judging panel voted unanimously for Tegan after reading her story.  They were amazed that in just 3 short years Tegan has raised over $70,000.00 for conservation as well her other projects, such as clean up Australia Day sites, towel drives, out of date medicine drives and locating groups to help in knitting Possum and Kangaroo Pouches for the injured Wildlife in and outside of the Moreton Bay Region.  They were very happy to also hear that Tegan did well in School and regularly received Academic Achievement Awards for her good grades.

Tegan got to join in on celebrating Australia Day at the Moreton Bay Citizenship ceremony.  The Strathpine Community Centre was where Tegan and many others welcomed 150 new Citizens - from all over the world - to live as an Australian Citizen in Moreton Bay area today on Australia Day.

Tegan and Mrs Jane McMillian,  the winner of Citizen of Year 2014 Australia Day Award,  had the honour of cutting the Australia Day Cake for everyone to enjoy.


Well Done Tegan!  We are very proud of you and all your hard work

Looking forward to a very exciting 2014!


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